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Senior Software Engineer

You've seen things. You've taken systems from prototype to production, scaled them to points of pride, and subsequently witnessed them become “legacy” over time. You're familiar with every point between beautiful and hacky, and have developed a hardened intuition for where on that spectrum a task lies. You're able to pattern match new problems to past experiences; you're thrilled when you can't. You’re excited to tackle the high impact problems involved in building and scaling a company.

We're a tight knit team of generalists with a breadth of experience - from startup veterans to big company transplants. We bring expertise in massively parallelized systems, rich web applications, and machine learning to build data-centric features that delight our users. We're lifelong learners with an immense amount of respect for each other and a strong culture of feedback. We're excited to have more people to share with and learn from.

As with every role at Wove, we expect you to make this your own. Every engineer has their own trajectory. Whether you want to be a senior contributor, a technical lead, a people manager, or some combination thereof, expect to have the freedom and support to choose your path. All that matters is that you're excited to work with a talented team to make something that's built to last.

  • 5 years of professional experience as a software engineer.
  • Excited to build a company.
  • An all-around nice person who wants to surround themselves with other nice people. No jerks allowed.
Bonus Points
  • Experience as an architect, technical lead, or people manager.
  • Entrepreneurial blood. We’d love it if Wove were a stepping stone on the path toward starting your own company.