The virtual workspace for remote teams

Wove is a digital workspace for remote teams. With Wove, teams can transform any web application into a multiplayer experience for seamless collaboration.

Built For The New Normal


Leave Zoom links behind. Move from room to room in one click, and keep track of open rooms in the room list.


Embed any web-app in a Wove room for seamless collaboration.


Walk up to someone in the lobby just as you would in a physical office. Only those around you will be able to see and hear you.

Stay on the same page

Move from room to room

Stop tracking endless meeting links. With Wove, jump between meeting rooms in a single click.

Everything in one place

In working meetings, the focal point is rarely the video conference. Wove lets you embed any web-app into meeting rooms for seamless collaboration. Whether you're pair designing in Figma, workshopping in Mural, or jotting down notes in Google Docs, Wove lets you and your team do it all in one place.

Never lose track

Wove rooms are persistent – which means that your work won't disappear when a meeting ends. Whether you're leaving the room for a few minutes or a few days, always continue where you left off.

Wove is perfect for...


Run your most effective client workshops in Wove using apps like Mural and Miro

Pair Design

Embedding design apps like Figma into Wove makes pair designing a breeze

Group Documentation

Collaborate on documentation by embedding apps like Notion, Coda, Paper, Google Docs, and more. And keep track of everything in the room details menu.

Hanging Out

Loneliness is the biggest struggle remote workers face, and we all know that asynchronous communication only goes so far. The lobby is your place to hang out when not in a meeting. See where your colleagues are and join the conversation just as you would in a physical office.

Community Building

Join other lobbies and begin discovering new communities of builders and operators.

Try Wove for free today

We are giving select teams free access to Wove during our private beta.

The virtual workspace for remote teams

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